Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Video: Meek Mill – Bike Life (Vlog)

 Despite the popularity of dirt bike riding in Meek Mill’s hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the city government is instituting a crackdown on the use of dirt bikes and ATV’s in its streets.Attention to the issue developed this week when Philadelphia Police told ABC News WPVI in Philadelphia that dirt bike and ATV riding in neighborhoods is “a nuisance” and has become “increasing dangerous.”
Unclear on its origins, the city speculates that Meek Mill’s “Bike Life” viral video is what caused the youth to recently emulate the bike-riding affections of the Maybach Music Group-signed artist.
In hopes of curbing the loud bikes, wheelies, and high speed races, the City of Philadelphia is confiscating as many bikes and ATVs as possible, and the police are asking residents to tell them if they know of any hidden bikes.
“They’re glorifying it, but obviously these guys are good riders you can see that. But then again, you may have a kid 14 or 15 who may try to do the same thing, and he’s going to get hurt. He’s going to get killed,” said Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Evers.
It would seem, however, as if the police are fighting an uphill battle against Meek Mill’s popularity in the city, as this weekend the MMG rapper was asked to perform at Jay-Z’s “Made In America” Labor Day Weekend Concert overlooking Ben Franklin Parkway in the heart of downtown Philly.
“The Mayor does not condone illegal activities or actions that endanger the public. The glorification of illegal activities through music videos is an issue that consumers need to consider as they make market choices,” the Mayor’s Office said in a statement about the illegal bike riding.
Meek Mill was unable to be reached for comment at the time of print.

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